Attract Your Dream Partner

6 months of soulfully guided coaching to attract a genuine partner and create a wonderful relationship that has the potential to last a lifetime

Confidently and joyfully call in the relationship you desire and deserve

This program is for you if…

You want a loving committed relationship with a partner who shares your values

You are going on dates all the time but it never leads to what you want

You know what you want but can’t find the right person

Love makes you nervous because it’s never what it seems

You are frustrated with ‘ghosting’ and hook-up culture

You’ve been hurt or betrayed by deceptive or unavailable partners

You are tired of being the only one invested in a relationship

You’re told that all the good ones are taken (or maybe you tell yourself that)

You feel like time is running out

Welcome to my vibrant program of magnetic attraction where you will gain…

Manifesting power

Authentic connection



Magical practices

Inner peace




Hello, I’m Heidi

Intelligent Attraction Specialist

I help women just like you attract their dream partners who are committed and balanced so they can have genuine relationships without sacrificing their energy or their values.

As an Intelligent Attraction Specialist I help women become even more vibrantly magnetic so they can enjoy intimacy and connection with an authentically-matched partner.

I believe relationships are our lifelines. When women are empowered in healthy harmonious relationships, our planet’s ecosystems and communities thrive.

I am a musician and collector of ritual song. I live in the Pacific Northwest with my beloved and three cats.

What women are saying

“I feel so grateful to have the support of this group.”

“I LOVE how this has reminded me of where my focus needs to be.”

“I am noticing a shift of unlearning certain relationship behaviors and this group is amazing with reminding how to do so.”

“I LOVE the self study curriculum and the teachings and the Wheels and all of it!”

“I love this group so much – this works!”

“This group is amazing!”

“I highly recommend working with Heidi – she has a large toolbox and a big heart.”

This is a magical journey of transformation and integration weaving together ancient wisdom, human connection, quantum science & spirituality.

My Attract Your Dream Partner Coaching Program Includes:

12 Small Group Coaching Sessions where we dive deep and you receive customized guidance & support with my full commitment & faith

Monthly Healing Experience using alchemy, magic, neuroscience & spiritual tradition

3 x 1:1 sessions with Heidi for you to receive my support in more vulnerable areas that you may not want to bring to the group

Uplifting Private Community of women who support & encourage each other (connected via Voxer)

Healing Love Toolbox delivered weekly in a self study curriculum of teachings and guided rituals

Wise Woman’s Guide filled with custom exercises, journaling prompts and magical symbols

Custom meditations and shamanic journeys

Limited group size to receive focused attention

The details:

Group coaching sessions meet every other Monday at 6:00pm PST.

Attraction Calls will be scheduled & announced in advance.

All meetings will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours.

Investment is $300/month for 6 months or you can pay in full for $1500.

To join the program, follow the link below to choose your payment option.

Here’s how to join

Select Your Payment Plan

You have the option to pay in full or pay in 6 monthly installments.

Receive Orientation Guide

Step by step instructions on how to begin and set powerful intentions for this program.

Welcome to the Circle

You are now stepping into your future. A beautiful new life awaits!

Why should you trust me?

I believe in you.

I care, because I’ve been through it too.

Ten years ago I used a method to transform myself. I went from being lonely, hurt and frustrated to finding an incredible loving man who is my authentic match. Today we are happily married and supporting each other’s dreams.

I have helped many women be empowered in love so that they can call in wonderful partners and have beautiful lifelong relationships.

You are not alone. I am here to support you with full commitment and faith.

Attract Your Dream Partner Program is a sacred container for women who are ready to become magnetic attractors.