Attract Your Dream Partner

An intimate intuitive experience to transform old wounds and step into a new world of profound love

Intimate Connection

Body Mind Confidence

Free To Be Yourself

This program is for you if you are:

  • Longing for connection, intimacy, chemistry
  • Going on boring or uninspiring dates
  • Struggling with boundaries, self worth, self love
  • Feeling lonely
  • Frustrated with ‘ghosting’ and hook-up culture
  • Feeling hurt or betrayed… Or worse
  • Tired of being the only one invested in a relationship
  • Ready to shift patterns in a BIG way
  • Ready to stop attracting broken partners
  • Looking for support in attracting real genuine authentic love

Results from healing + What this program offers

  • Reclaim your power, feel sovereign

  • Enhance your intuitive abilities

  • Develop healthy relationships, first with yourself then with others

  • Strengthen your boundaries, self-love, self-worth

  • Deepen your connection with mystical experience

  • Create juicy, empowering habits that align with your highest potential

  • Allow your inner wisdom to guide you, not your wounds (deep trust in self)

What women are saying

“Heidi is amazing and so knowledgeable, passionate and genuine in her approach of helping others.”

“I now believe there is someone out there for me”

“I now know to stop the limiting beliefs because everything is possible in our universe”

“I LOVE how this has reminded me of where my focus needs to be.”

“I am unlearning certain relationship behaviors and this program is amazing with reminding how to do so.”

“I LOVE the self study curriculum and the teachings and the Wheels and all of it!”

“This is amazing!”

“I highly recommend working with Heidi – she has a large toolbox and a big heart.”

“The minute you begin to do what you want to do, it’s really a different kind of life.

R. Buckminster Fuller


A Peak Inside…

Body Mind Integrative Healing Sessions offer you a private space to heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am a trauma-informed practitioner and use various modalities to support your process, including shamanic healing, hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

1-on-1 & Group Mentorships are a sacred container for those who are ready to transform in a big way. I provide spiritual guidance, customized tools to amplify your intention and practices to deepen your connection with life. 

Uplifting Community of women who support & encourage each other.

Self Guided Curriculum filled with video teachings, guided meditations and rituals.


2 Ways to Work with Me


Embark on a journey to love. This is a self-guided experience for those who are curious about mysticism, ritual and higher consciousness for attracting their heart’s desires.


This 2-hour session will help you make a big shift in your life. Gain access to your inner creative resources so that you can feel confident and worthy of the relationship you desire.

Listen to my 10 minute meditation to Attract Your Dream Partner…

A guided relaxation journey using neurolinguistics, creative visualization and your imagination.

About your guide…Heidi Thompson

I believe in you.

I care, because I’ve been through it too.

Ten years ago I began a healing journey. I wanted to feel safe being me so that I could express myself fully and completely in life.

What I learned has taught me so much about spirituality, healing and freedom. Ultimately, I gained the courage to live boldly and authentically, which is a daily adventure and practice.

Today my mission is to help others be vibrant and free so they can live in happiness, health and harmony.

You are not alone. I am here to support you with full commitment and faith.

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