Self Study Curriculum

Week 1

We begin with the Wheel of Manifestation. Download the first handout of your Wise Woman’s Guide to Attraction (I recommend keeping these in a 3 ring binder). Listen to the audio teachings, then use the reflection questions to journal about your desires.  

Wheel of Manifestation Part 1

Wheel of Manifestation Part 2

Wise Woman’s Guide Handout

Week 2

This is part one of a two week healing experience. This week our focus is on releasing negative thought energy. Next week I will guide you through a healing ritual. Listen to the recording and use the handout to get started. Invite the energy from these words into your subconscious mind so they can support you. 

Wisdom and Releasing Teaching

Release Negative Energy Handout

Week 3

Part two of our first healing experience. Listen to the two teachings before doing your ceremony. They will help you create intent for your ceremony.

Clarification on Healing

Creating Ritual Space

Fire Ceremony Handout

Week 4

This week we begin a practice to help us shift our energy. Download the handout and decide what practice will most support you right now. Work with one practice for 45 days. Take a week off and then work with the other practice for 45 days. Optional: Journal about your insights, shifts, challenges, victories, etc. 

Practices handout

Week 5

This week our focus is on conscious awareness. Watch my Mystery School video teaching (use the handout to take notes if you like). Then read the handout on Beliefs and do the reflection exercise. 

Magic of Conscious Awareness video teaching

Magic of Conscious Awareness handout

Beliefs handout

Week 6

We now move into a three week cycle on forgiveness. This week is part one. Do the Mirror Exercise everyday for 7 days. Notice your shifts and write down any insights or ahas in your journal. Do the Forgiving Our Mistakes journaling exercise. As you reflect and write, hold the intention to store the positive learnings and release any emotions that are no longer serving you. Keep returning to self love.

Mirror Exercise handout

Forgiving Our Mistakes handout

Week 7

Part two of our forgiveness cycle. Watch my video teaching, then do the Reframing Our Mistakes exercise. Read the instructions for the Ritual Bath – we will do the actual ceremony next week. There are a number of items needed for the Ritual Bath and I want to give you time to gather these items in a relaxed way. Begin thinking about how you want to create this ceremony so it will be most meaningful for you.

Alchemy of Mistakes teaching

Alchemy of Mistakes handout

Reframing Our Mistakes handout

Self Forgiveness Ritual Bath Renewal Ceremony

Week 8

Part three of our forgiveness cycle. This week we work with the water element to support us in forgiving ourself and others, as well as purifying and renewing our sense of self and relationship to pleasure. Set your intention, let go of expectations, and invite the healing power of the water element into your ceremony. After your ceremony, do the Seeding meditation to empower this new life you are stepping into.

Self Forgiveness Ritual Bath Renewal Ceremony

Seeding Meditation

Week 9

This week is about values. In my video teaching I guide you through a values discovery process. The handout goes along with this teaching.

Values teaching

Values handout

Week 10

In two weeks we will be at the halfway mark of this odyssey. Restate your goal or intentions and reflect on where you have come. Ask yourself, where do you want to go from here? Write that down. Then write down anything you are ready to release and vanquish completely and forever. Soon we will have our big healing experience of the program. You will receive separate instructions from me on how to prepare.

Law of Vibration handouts