How to Prepare for Attract Your Dream Partner


We are going to create magic together.

I will be weaving in ancient wisdom, quantum physics, neuroscience and spiritual tradition so that you are fully supported and empowered in learning the secrets of vibration, attraction and manifestation.

Complete these steps:

1. Read and sign the Program Agreement. If you have questions or concerns, please email me before signing:

2. Put our calls in your calendar. We meet every other Monday at 6pm PST. The zoom link is always

3. Bookmark the video vault to access our coaching session recordings. Password is attractionpower.

4. Here is where you can find all the meditations offered in this program.

5. Download the Voxer app and add me as a contact so I can add you to our private community. This is where we will stay connected between coaching calls.

6. Buy yourself a new journal for recording your intentions, reflections and experiences.

7. Now go to the Orientation section to get started!